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CentriPure N10 Columns

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Gel filtration column for purification and desalting of nucleic acids longer than 10bp/nt. Processes sample volumes of 1.0 mL.

CentriPure N10 Gel Filtration Columns are designed for rapid desalting and efficient removal of small molecules (dyes, salts, biotin, ammonia, haptens, etc.) from nucleic acids in a sample volume of 1.0 mL.

Purified oligonucleotides longer than 10 base pairs/nucleotides are eluted using gravity into pure, deionized water or a buffer of choice. The removal efficiency of small molecules typically exceeds 99.99%, with a 1.5-fold dilution and an oligonucleotide recovery of greater than 85%.  Samples are processed in under 15 minutes.

The gel matrix in CentriPure N10 is Zetadex-25, a size-exclusion gel with an effective pore size of about 5 kD or about 10 base pairs/nucleotides. Molecules larger than the pores are excluded from the gel, remain in the void volume, rapidly pass through the column, and are eluted free of small molecular weight contaminants.


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