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CentriPure P100 Columns

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Hydrated gel filtration columns for protein purification and desalting. Processes sample volumes of 10 mL.

CentriPure P100 Gel Filtration Columns are designed for rapid and efficient removal of small molecules (salts, dyes, ammonia, haptens, biotin, etc.) from antibodies, enzymes and other proteins.

The gel matrix of CentriPure is Zetadex-25, a beaded composite material developed by emp Biotech composed partially of polymerized dextran.  It exhibits high selectivity, high resolution and chemical stability.  Molecules purified with Zetadex-25 are separated according to size. Smaller molecules pass significantly slower through the column than larger molecules.  Buffer and pH effects on resolution are minimal.  The size exclusion cut-off for Zetadex-25 is 5 kD for proteins.  Proteins larger than 5 kD in a sample volume of 10 mL can be purified with an elution volume of 12 to 15 mL.


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