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CentriPure MINI Desalt Z-50

Cat. No.

Hydrated with pure, deionized water. Pre-swollen, pre-packed and ready-to-use.

CENTRI•PURE MINI Columns are used for quick and efficient desalting, buffer exchange and/or removal of dyes and small molecules from proteins greater than 25 kD. Purified proteins are eluted into pure, deionized water (Caution! Some proteins may precipitate in pure water with low ionic strength!) The columns are sterile packed, pre-swollen and ready-to-use.


Safety Information

Not a hazardous substance or mixture according to GHS [Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008]. This substance or mixture is not classified as dangerous according to Directive 67/548/EEC. The product does not need to be labelled in accordance with EC directives or respective national laws.


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