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Biotin Coupling to Antibodies & Proteins


One of the most extensively used methods for non-covalent labeling of proteins is with the avidin/biotin system. The unusually strong binding affinity of avidin for the small molecule biotin allows its use as an important tool for specific targeting applications and assay design.

It is extremely important to be able to control the extent of biotin labeling of an antibody or protein after a biotinylation reaction is complete. Measuring biotin incorporation is critical for the optimization of avidin-biotin assay systems and essential to ensure reproducibility in subsequent biotinylation processes.

For this reason, emp BIOTECH has developed a reportable biotin derivative which allows for reproducible and quantitative degree of biotinylation determination without interfering either with the biotin/avidin interaction itself or with any other subsequent processes.

Coupling of Biotin to Antibodies / Proteins – Overview (PDF, not yet available)

Other Haptens

Please contact us for a consultation if you have interest the conjugation of other haptens to proteins. Please also review Hapten Modification and Hapten Coupling to Immunogenic Carriers.

The following Technical Note contains a non-exhaustive description of the coupling methodologies currently available through our services for the labeling of antibodies and other proteins with biotin and its derivatives:

Coupling of Biotin to Antibodies / Proteins – Chemistry (PDF, not yet available)

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