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Nucleic Acid Labeling

Enzymatic Labeling and Chemical Modification

Several enzymatic techniques are available for the incorporation of marker molecules into DNA using modified or labeled nucleoside triphosphates. Purification (removal of excess of NTP’s, salts and short oligonucleotide fragments) is accomplished by gel filtration. Most of marker molecules, as described in Antibody / Protein Labeling and Biotin Coupling to Antibodies / Proteins, may be utilized for labeling by proper modification of the corresponding nucleoside triphosphate.

We also offer customized DNA-protein-conjugations.

Nucleic Acid Labeling - Overview (PDF, not yet available)

The following Technical Note contains a non-exhaustive description of the coupling methodologies currently available through our services for nucleic acid labeling:

Nucleic Acid Labeling - Chemistry (PDF, not yet available)

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