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In case you have any technical questions regarding the use of our products, or if you have a question regarding a particular application and would like a few minutes of consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following telephone number or e-mail address:

Telephone: +49 30-9489-2201
E-mail: tech(at)

Our team has many years of experience in both research and development and industrial production. We’ll try our best to help or at least try to point you in the right direction.

Modified Proteinases

Q: Does your modified chymotrypsin have reduced activity at pH 6?

A: Chymotrypsin normally requires a pH of 8. A pH of 6 will substantially reduce its activity. We recommend adjusting the pH to 8.0, especially after the addition of denaturing agents such as guanidine-HCl.

Nucleic Acid Labeling Kits

Q: What is the largest size of PCR products that may be labeled?

A: There are no upper limit size constraints for PCR products with our labeling kits.  

Q: What is the amount of Amino-dUTP used in the dTTP portion of the PCR reaction for subsequent labeling?

A: About 33%.

Q: What is the average insertion rate of amino-dUTP during PCR?

A: About 5 amino groups per 100 base pairs (0.05).

Q: Which PCR product size may I purify with the spin columns contained in the labeling kit?

A: PCR products with sizes from 100 bp up to 10 kbp may be effectively purified with the spin columns.