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ISO Certificates

All our products are manufactured in dedicated ISO certified facilities under strict quality control and according to the highest
internationally quality standards.

Certificate ISO 9001:2015

Development, manufacture, marketing and distribution of fine chemicals, reagents, chromatography products and kits for use in molecular biological, chemical and pharmaceutical industries

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Certificate ISO 13485:2016

Quality Management System EN ISO 13485:2016 Production and distribution of chromatographic solid phases for the purification of biomolecules in clinical diagnostics or therapeutic applications

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We’ll try our best to help or at least try to point you in the right direction.

What is the largest size of PCR products that may be labeled?

There are no upper limit size constraints for PCR products with our labeling kits.

Which PCR product size may I purify with the spin columns contained in the labeling kit?

PCR products with sizes from 100 bp up to 10 kbp may be effectively purified with the spin columns.

Below is a list of common questions that arise in discussions about SMART Chromatography™.
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How quickly can I get started with SMART Chromatography™?

For a new process, we expect it to take about 6 months to go from R&D to production. We have experience of re-developing an existing process, for purification of a registered pharmaceutical – this took 12 months. These figures represent a rough estimate – it will depend on the process.

Is SMART Chromatography™ more expensive to implement than what I’m currently using?

Small volume columns, e.g. 5 mL – 200 mL, are slightly more expensive than traditional axial flow columns. At large scale (> 5L) the price of columns and resin is similar to similar-scale axial flow columns. In any case, SMART Chromatography™ will save you money in the long run.

How easy is SMART Chromatography™ to implement?

Not difficult. A typical process work-up will involve using R&D columns at 5 mL scale, validation columns at 200 mL scale, before going to process scale. EMP Biotech has developed the SMART Chromatography™ method and will be on-hand to ensure that implementation goes smoothly.

EMP Biotech can provide small-scale columns and resin for proof-of-principle studies. Such columns can be fitted to standard chromatography equipment, e.g. ÄKTA purification systems. SMART Chromatography columns at small-scale can be loaded with a peristaltic pump.

Can we pack and repack SMART™ Chromatography columns ourselves?

SMART Chromatography™ columns are remarkably straightforward to pack. Columns can be packed using a packing station. Alternatively, the nature of the column design means that columns can be packed in a “low tech” way with resin slurry using a pump and a pressure.

How are SMART Chromatography™ columns cleaned?

SMART Chromatography™ columns are cleaned in the same way as traditional axial flow columns. Cell and cellular debris are washed through the column and a short back flush will remove any solids trapped in the inlet frit. The resins used for SMART Chromatography™ are generally tolerant of harsh CIP reagents such as 0.5 – 1 M NaOH, although obviously this is ligand dependent.

Can SMART Chromatography™ be used in a GMP environment?

Yes. There are currently two clients using SMART Chromatography™ in a GMP setting.


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