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emp means
made possible

We manufacture an exclusive range of products for biotech, pharma, medtech, and research. Our strengths include columns and resins for biomolecule purification, oligonucleotide synthesis reagents, and fine chemicals.

We apply our collective scientific curiosity, shared vision, and the highest quality standards to revolutionize the world of biotechnology.

At emp BIOTECH, we understand what it means to change the world. Our customers are paving the way with life-saving advances in everything from cell-based immunotherapies to vaccines and beyond. We meticulously research, develop and manufacture the high-quality products and bespoke solutions needed to make this happen. Our work enables global science innovation.

Our thriving company is built on more than just state-of-the-art tools and patented technologies.

We’re built on our people: outside-the-box thinkers who generate great ideas and new solutions to age-old problems. We have experts of every creed – chemists, technicians, researchers, engineers, designers, and more – deeply involved in every aspect of emp BIOTECH‘s development.

Quality assurance, transparent workflows and change control are standard because lasting relationships are built on trust. 

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Areas of expertise

Learn more about emp BIOTECH’s integrated research, development and manufacturing facilities.

Our story

Discover the emp BIOTECH story – the history of the company, how we got to where we are today, our current plans for expansion, and our ambitious goals for the future.

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We employ skilled people in diverse disciplines. emp BIOTECH is made up of research and development staff who pioneer creative science, production and logistics staff who get the job done, and business administration staff who help the business thrive. Together, we are emp BIOTECH.


emp BIOTECH’s vision is to enable creative science and to improve human health worldwide, changing the lives of people we may never meet.

We are preparing to further shape the future of Life Science with further expansion in Germany and the United States. We are planning a unique recycling facility for spent oligo reagents – reducing environmental impact to make science more sustainable.

Wherever the future takes us, our ideas and technologies will be part of it.

Founder and CEOs

Dr. Derek Levison

Founder and CEO of emp BIOTECH in Berlin.

During his undergraduate studies at Purchase College in New York, Dr. Levison majored in chemistry with a minor in biology and maintaining a strong interest in art and music. He received his doctorate in chemistry from the City University of New York in 1995, focusing on organic synthesis, physical organic chemistry, and molecular modeling simulations. He has developed a solid background in product design, engineering, and marketing, and is a founding member of both emp BIOTECH GmbH and aokin AG. Today as CEO of emp BIOTECH, he leads a combined business and product development team and works closely with Dr. Uwe Möller managing the company’s rapid expansion and growth.

Career highlights

2005 – present
Co-founder, aokin AG, Berlin, Germany

1995 – 1996
Visiting Scientist, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany

1993 – present
Co-founder and CEO, emp Biotech GmbH, Berlin, Germany

1991 – 2008
Scientist, Princeton Separations, Inc. Freehold, New Jersey, USA

1987 – 1992
Adjunct Professor, Chemistry. Hunter College, New York City, USA

Doctorate: “Toward the synthesis of bridged 13-methylbenzo[12]annulenes”

Special expertise

– Synthetic organic chemistry
– Fluorescence Polarization
– Chemical design
– Combined business and product development
– Marketing


Reconciling pillars of transient gene expression: From DNA prep via media, reagent and cell line development to holistic process optimization, December 2015, BMC Proceedings 9(Suppl 9):P18. DOI: 10.1186/1753-6561-9-S9-P18

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Probe Production for In Situ Hybridization by PCR and Subsequent Covalent Labeling with Fluorescent Dyes, October 2007, Applied immunohistochemistry & molecular morphology: AIMM/official publication of the Society for Applied Immunohistochemistry 15(3):332-7, DOI: 10.1097/01.pai.0000213125.88967.53

Patents and applications

US 2021155657
Separation and isolation of nucleic acids using affinity ligands bound to a solid surface

US 11325104
System and method of applied radial technology chromatography

US 8173379
Method of determining a concentration of analytes of interest in a sample

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Use of additives to lower the rate of a binding reaction

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Method for chemiluminescent detection

US 6613578
Activating film for chemiluminescent assays and methods for use

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Method for producing purified and/or concentrated analytes, use and kit

EP 1889231
Method for identification of product forgeries

EP 1523668
Sensitizer-labeled analyte detection

EP 1163372
Chemically reactive plane-rigidized cyanine dyes and their derivatives

Dr. Uwe Möller

CEO of emp BIOTECH in Berlin.

Dr. Uwe Möller is an expert in bioorganic chemistry, especially in the synthesis of fluorescent dyes and oligonucleotides. He is also experienced in the non-radioactive labeling of biomolecules. Starting at emp BIOTECH in 1997, Dr. Möller was initially a senior scientist and has had his role as co-CEO since 2003.
His day-to-day work at emp BIOTECH involves managing research projects, strategic business issues, facility design, planning and implementation. Dr. Möller is also responsible for overseeing occupational health and safety, compliance with REACH and ECHA regulations, and dangerous goods (HAZMAT) safety.

Career highlights

Post-doctoral position: “Highly sensitive detection of DNA based on molecular sensors”
Doctorate: “Non-radioactive labeling of oligonucleotides and photosensitization of antibodies”

Special expertise

Chemical experiences in heterocyclic chemistry, synthesis of building blocks of biopolymers (nucleosides & nucleotides, heterocycles, carbohydrates, amino acids), dye chemistry, modification of polymers

Biochemistry skills such as automated oligonucleotide synthesis, photosensitization of biomolecules, protein modification and purification, and a wide variety of non-radioactive labeling methods

Analytical techniques such as HPLC, FPLC, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and MALDI-TOF, infrared spectroscopy, UV/visible and fluorescence spectroscopy and chemiluminescence detection

Experience planning the design and construction of chemical production units and facilities


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Patents and applications

US 20080113380; US 20040014043:
Sensitizer-labeled analyte detection

US 6613578:
Activating film for chemiluminescent assays and methods for use

US 6911305; US 6764819:
Method for chemiluminescent detection

DE 4403780A1
Approach for the detection of biomolecules

DE 4403779A1
Synthesis of dye-biomolecule-conjugates



BiotechPark Berlin-Buch, Robert-Rössle-Straße 10, 13125 Berlin
Company headquarters, 30 mins. from central Berlin.

Chromatography, organic synthesis, research and development.


Technologiepark Adlershof, Schwarzschildstraße 6, 12489 Berlin
30 mins. from central Berlin.

Oligonucleotide synthesis reagents, large-scale production.


Eresburgstraße 22, 12103 Berlin

Oligonucleotide synthesis reagents, small-scale production and bottling.

New Jersey, USA

emp BIOTECH LLC, 151 New Jersey 33, Suite 255, Manalapan, NJ 07726, United States

US distribution, international business development.