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Welcome to emp BIOTECH

your bridge between molecular biology and organic chemistry

Small organic molecules, such as fluorophores, haptens, and other modifiers of biomolecules, are vital tools for research in the life sciences.

emp BIOTECH offers a wide variety of innovative products and services for labeling, purification and modification techniques, including fine chemicals, kits for labeling and purification, coupling reagents, and chemical modification services.

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A spoof e-mail seems to have been sent to our customers from our info(at) address in recent days, asking them to await communication of an alternative bank account before any payments to emp Biotech are made.

Please note that emp Biotech never sent out such a request and we kindly ask you to disregard it and delete it as soon as possible.

Should you have any questions about the e-mail, kindly contact us by phone to our Berlin office number +49 (0)30 948 92 201 or our US office number +1 732-409-2600.

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CentriPure P96 Gel Filtration Column Array

Hydrated Gel Filtration Column Array for Protein Purification and Desalting

More about Centri
Pure P96...

designed for rapid and efficient removal of small molecules (salts, dyes, ammonia, haptens, biotin, etc.) from antibodies, enzymes and other proteins larger than 10 kD.
Centri•Pure P96 Column Array