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Optimizing Use of Your Desalting Column

Optimizing Use of Your Desalting Column Factors to Consider Tips and Best Practices Conclusion Desalting columns are an essential tool in the field of molecular biology, biochemistry, and protein research. They facilitate the removal of unwanted salts, small molecules, and other contaminants from a sample, purifying and concentrating target molecules in the process. In this [...]

Are you purifying proteins or DNA?

Are you purifying proteins or DNA? Read emp BIOTECH’s latest brochure on Biomolecule Purification If you already know emp BIOTECH’s desalting columns, or their SMART Chromatography™ technology, you might not be aware that emp also manufactures a range of resins, available in bulk quantities, that can be applied to a number of purification challenges. The [...]

New: TurboTag™ Protein/Antibody Labeling Kits

New: TurboTag™ Protein/Antibody Labeling Kits emp BIOTECH’s popular protein labelling kits have now been renamed as TurboTag™ precision protein labeling kits. The kits will now only be available in a 3-reaction size. Everything else remains the same: 10 minute labelling protocol, from start to finish Optimized protocols for 1 mg and 100 µg of protein [...]

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December 6th, 2023

Meet emp BIOTECH‘s Franziska Meier-Hättig at the Antibody Therapeutic Xchange, Zurich, December 6th. Linkedin

13th to 15th November

emp BIOTECH Delegation Attending Medica 2023.
Are you attending this year’s Medica in Düsseldorf?

Take this opportunity to meet with delegates from emp Biotech. Three delegates from emp Biotech will be attending Medica between Monday 13th to Wednesday 15th November. Present from emp BIOTECH will be:
Derek Levison, Managing Director
Alistair Hurst, Business Development Manager
Franziska Meier-Hättig, Product Manager
Contact us if you wish to meet with the emp BIOTECH team during Medica.

Feb 14th, 2023

New lab rack for CentriPure 200-500 Gel Filtration Columns. See product

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