New: TurboTag™ Protein/Antibody Labeling Kits

New: TurboTag™ Protein/Antibody Labeling Kits

emp BIOTECH’s popular protein labelling kits have
now been renamed as TurboTag™ precision protein labeling kits.

The kits will now only be available in a 3-reaction size. Everything else remains the same:

  • 10 minute labelling protocol, from start to finish
  • Optimized protocols for 1 mg and 100 µg of protein
  • Over 35 different fluorescent and non-fluorescent labels to choose from


TurboTag™ Labeling Kits, Flyer 09/2021

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of TurboTag™ technology.

Open the box, label the protein and
purify – all in 10 minutes.